powered by Vonnie C. Dones III Now Accepts Bitcoin For Earned Legal Fees

by powered by Vonnie C. Dones III is proud to announce today that it will be accepting Bitcoin as payment for earned legal fees. Our law firm recognizes the dramatic rise in the value of and demand for cryptography-based digital currency, such as Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer opensource digital currency increases efficiency and is responsive to the needs of a changing, innovative delivery of legal services. Our law firm will continue to be responsive to the needs of our clients. Cryptocurrency is a rapidly increasing alternative to traditional payments systems. It is a new kind of private currency or “virtual currency” based on an algorithm. This affords our law firm and our clients greater freedom and flexibility than ever before. Along with our digital delivery of legal services, Bitcoin makes transactions easy, inexpensive, secure, and private. The internet is so interwoven into the fabric of everyday life around the world, it is becoming invisible, like electricity. Mobile connectivity through smart phones and tablets are changing how people perceive communication and conduct business. New technological advances in online delivery of legal services and cryptocurrency seeks to save time, cut costs, and increase productivity and efficiency. Our law firm recognizes that Bitcoin is becoming a preferred method of payment for some clients seeking online and traditional legal services. We accept Bitcoin.

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