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New York City Landlord-Tenant Lawyer Helping Tenants Sue Landlords For Repairs, Services, and Violations in HP Actions. For $499!

Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ at is a law firm that offers limited representation by handling parts of your case and in some cases, full representation by handling your entire case via the Internet. We can help you with suing your NYC landlord for repairs and violations without the hassle of traveling to an attorney’s office. If you are a tenant, we can help you with obtaining repairs in your apartment or public areas of your building, and if necessary, file an HP Action in Housing Court. You receive the legal benefits, personalized service, confidentiality, and data protection of a traditional law firm for a fraction of the time and cost. Our cutting-edge, 24/7 web-based legal services are affordable, task specific, and easy to use. We provide consultation, perform case and legal research, prepare and organize documents, make phone calls on your behalf, and prepare you for the hearing, all for the low fee of $499! If your apartment is in need of repairs or your landlord refuses to correct building violations, retain a NYC Tenants’ Rights attorney to obtain the legal recourse you deserve! Contact>>

Sue Landlord For Repairs In New York City

img3 Is your landlord refusing to make repairs to your apartment? Does your apartment fail to provide hot and cold water? Is your roof leaking or plumbing, electrical, or heating systems failing? Does your rental property have mold or a pest infestation? If so, we can help!

Tenants’ Rights Representation in HP Action

img2You receive peace of mind knowing that you have an attorney handling your HP Action every step of the way. We will send your landlord a demand letter, contact the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and/or other appropriate government agencies, and draft or complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Conditions Your Landlord May Be Required To Repair

In New York City, your landlord is required by law to keep your apartment and the common areas of your building in good condition. Here are some examples of conditions that your landlord may be required repair or fix:

    • lights / gas / heat / hot water shut off, or a decrease in the amount of these services
    • an emergency condition exists that your landlord had not fixed (i.e., pipe burst, flood, falling plaster, etc.)
    • ceiling leaks
    • leaking sinks
    • broken appliances.
    • windows that do not open or close or no window guards.
    • insect (cockroach) or rodent (mouse or rat) infestation
    • broken mailboxes or intercoms

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Handling a HP Action in Housing Court in New York City without any legal advice or coaching can be a daunting task. Hiring a traditional law firm can be expensive. However, using our online legal services to assist you reduces costs, needless stress, and saves you time. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) without legal assistance could be a recipe for disaster. Online legal services offered by Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ. at are personalized, affordable, and convenient for you! Contact>>

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HP Action – Sue Your Landlord ($499)

If your apartment is need of repairs or your rental unit or apartment building is uninhabitable, namely unsafe, unhealthy, unsanitary, or other illegal conditions exist, you may file a Housing Part Proceeding – (HP) Action against your landlord for repairs. Under New York law, your landlord is required to maintain essential services in your apartment unit or building and fix any problems with the conditions of the rental unit or building. There are several steps you must take to protect your rights as a tenant. Don’t take a chance and do it on your own. Your landlord may not take you serious. Let your landlord know that you mean business and have a licensed attorney prepare your case and fight hard for you! Don’t sell yourself short, let us guide you through the process and help you obtain the legal recourse you deserve for the low fee of $499.00. will provide the following legal services:

      • Draft a demand letter for repairs or services and serve your landlord.
      • Provide up to 2 hours of consultation preparing for your case and court hearing (gathering and organizing evidence for your case).
      • Request an Inspection from HPD.
      • Draft or complete Verified Petition and Order To Show Cause.
      • Properly serve respondents (Affidavit of Service).

In New York City, the filing fee for an HP Action in the New York, Bronx, Kings, Harlem, Queens, Richmond, and Red Hook Housing Court is $45.00. The mailing fees (certified mail return receipt requested) are $33.00, which is included in the $499.00 legal service fee. Please note that there may be additional copying and mailing fees depending on the circumstances of your case. If you would like for us to schedule a lawyer to appear, although not required, and represent you at your HP Action hearing in Housing Court, we can do so for an additional fee.

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Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ. offers an innovative model of delivering legal services online helping our clients save time and money. The difference between a traditional law practice and our firm is the WAY we deliver legal services. Our legal service delivery provides each client with a secure password-protected account called ClientSpace. After registering for a ClientSpace account, our clients can upload/download files securely, electronically sign documents, receive advice/information by e-mail or live web cam (e.g.,Skype) pay invoices, and receive document review by an attorney all while sitting in front of their tablet or home computer. All credit card processing for online purchases and invoicing is provided by Chase Paymentech. Our discrete task legal representation reduces the costs of legal services. We provide a convenience and comfort that is long overdue. Contact>>

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