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Texas, New Jersey & Washington, D.C. Consumer Protection Lawyer Providing Consumers With Protection From Fraudulent and Deceptive Business Practices.

Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ at is a law firm that offers cost-effective and time-efficient legal representation to meet your personalized legal needs. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers who have been victimized by fraudulent and deceptive business practices. Under Texas law, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA) protects consumers against false, misleading, and deceptive business practices, unconscionable actions, and breaches of warranty and to provide efficient and economical procedures to secure such protection. Under New Jersey law, consumer fraud is “any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation” in connection with the sale of goods, services or real estate. N.J.S. 56:8-2. Under District of Columbia law, the Consumer Protection Procedures Act protects consumers from those “unlawful trade practices” enumerated in § 28-3904, as well as practices prohibited by other statutes and common law. We will help you fight businesses who defraud their customers. Our pioneering technology allows our clients to receive the benefits of excellent legal representation without the stress and hassle of a traditional law firm. You receive the legal benefits, personalized service, confidentiality, and data protection that is expected of any law firm providing legal services in today’s world. Our cutting-edge, 24/7 web-based legal services are affordable, task specific, and easy to use. We provide consultation, perform case and legal research, prepare and organize your case, and litigate on your behalf. If a business is trying to take advantage of you, retain a Texas, New York or New Jersey Consumer Protection Attorney to obtain the legal recourse you deserve! Contact>>

Sue For Consumer Fraud

img3 Have you paid a contractor for work that he or she did not do or did not perform properly? Did you purchase a car that suddenly stopped working or needs multiple repairs? Did a car dealer trick you into signing a financing agreement or trading in your car? If so, we can help you file a legal claim for consumer fraud.

Legal Protection Against Consumer Fraud

img2You receive peace of mind knowing that you have an attorney handling your lawsuit every step of the way. We will litigate on your behalf and seek up to three times the amount of your actual damages, plus your attorney’s fees and costs. Depending on the circumstances your case, we may be able to represent you on a contingency basis, at no cost to you.

Types of Consumer Fraud Cases

In Texas, New Jersey & DC, there are many reasons a consumer might pursue a consumer fraud claim. Here is a general, non-exhaustive list of reasons a consumer might pursue a consumer fraud claim against a business:

    • Home Improvement Contractor Fraud
    • Auto Fraud
    • New & Used Lemon Law Cases
    • Bait and Switch Advertising
    • Mortgage Foreclosure Scams
    • Car Dealer Fraud
    • Health and Safety Violations

Money Back Guarantee

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Sue For Violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA), the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act or DC Consumer Protection Procedures Act

If you have been defrauded by a business, misled into an exploitative contract, or unlawful taken advantage of by a business, you may be entitled to three times the amount of your actual damages, plus your attorney’s fees and costs. Under Texas, New Jersey and DC law, a business cannot can deceive you into purchasing a good or a service. If a business violates your rights, you should obtain legal representation immediately.

Vonnie C. Dones III, Esq. at will provide you with the following legal representation:

      • Provide you with a free initial consultation.
      • Collect documents and evidence on your behalf.
      • File a claim on your behalf.
      • Litigate your claim.
      • Seek judgment for treble damages, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

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Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ. offers an innovative model of delivering legal services online helping our clients save time and money. The difference between a traditional law practice and our firm is the WAY we deliver legal services. Our legal service delivery provides each client with a secure password-protected online account. After registering for an online account, our clients can upload/download files securely, electronically sign documents, receive advice/information by e-mail or live web cam (e.g.,Skype) pay invoices, and receive document review by an attorney all while sitting in front of their tablet or home computer. All credit card processing for online purchases and invoicing is provided by Chase Paymentech. Our discrete task legal representation reduces the costs of legal services. We provide a convenience and comfort that is long overdue. Contact>>

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